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WereWolf Systems

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WereWolf Sand System by On Point Technologies

The WereWolf System

The WereWolf System is a culmination of years of experience at the forefront of bottom drop systems and logistics. The On Point Team set out to create a system that addresses the major gaps between bottom drop logistics and containerized sand storage. The WereWolf System creates a unique world, allowing for the most efficient style of logistics to couple with the reliability, flexibility, and simplicity of containerized sand storage.

For the first time, bottom drop trailers, that maximize payload, can deliver proppant to a frac location that is using containerized sand storge.

Introducing the WereWolf System to a wellsite provides immediate cost savings, HSE, and ESG benefits compared to traditional logistics means. With the ability to deliver sand into the system at a rate up to 15,000 lbs per minutes, the WereWolf System introduces only one all electric belt to the wellsite. Gravity is used to fill the boxes on the wellsite at a rate of 1,000 lbs per second. The single belt and use of gravity create a solution that has minimum moving parts when compared to other bottom drop systems. Coupling the WereWolf with a tried-and-true containerized sand system creates a system that is truly modular, reliable, and logistically redundant to meet the demand of any wellsite layout or throughput.

Improve Logistics Efficiency and Cost Savings

Reduce Truck Traffic

Lower CO2 Emissions

Reduce Onsite Footprint

System Benefits

Of the Patent Pending WereWolf Technology

Major reduction in the number of sand containers per pad

  • Reduced box count
  • Reduced footprint on pad
  • Reduced cost
  • Modular storage capacity
  • Reduced forklift movements

Increased Payload Provides HSE and ESG Benefits

  • Less trucks needed per shift
  • Less loads delivered to pad
  • Less truck traffic
  • Less miles driven
  • Less diesel burned
  • Less CO2 emissions

Logistical cost savings to end users versus pneumatic or sand container logistics

  • Maximize truck payload
  • Redundancy in on road
    supply chain
  • System accepts the largest
    variation of trailers in
    the market
  • Frac sites are no longer
    dependent on a single
    trailer type

How The WereWolf Sand System Works:

WereWolf Sand System Animation

  • The bottom drop trailers empty their payload onto a drive over belt where sand is conveyed into a surge bin. In an automated process, containerized sand storage boxes are filled to their maximum volume capacity at the frac site.
  • Each container filled on location with proppant is automatically weighed and logged into the onsite inventory management software.
  • The WereWolf System is a fully contained unit with its own dust suppression and filtration system.
  • Once filled containers are moved and emptied into the blender via their traditional means.