WereWolf Oklahoma Case Study 2023

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WereWolf System Oklahoma Case Study

Case Study Overview

The Werewolf System allows greater load volumes, fast offload times, and reduced emissions along with reducing overall box demand on each wellsite.

An Oklahoma operator switched from a traditional box system to the Werewolf system


By leveraging the Werewolf System, there were improvements in logistical efficiency, successfully reducing truck count while lowering cost.

  • 15% increase in payload, resulting in 188 less truck loads per month.
  • Annualized logistics cost reduction of 7.4%, or around $1.07 million of annualized logistics savings.
  • Mitigated HSE exposure with 34,883 less miles, driven per month.

148,047  pounds of CO2 reduced annually, equating to 14 vehicles taken off the road.

WereWolf Systems Oklahoma Case Study Operating Statistics - On Point Technologies

Note: Data based off regional annualized average payload of 24.4 tons for traditional boxes. Assumes haul distance of 97 miles one way, 5.5 mpg.

WereWolf Systems Oklahoma Case Study - On Point Technologies
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